Appraisals & Evaluations

Appraisals & Evaluations

GIA Certified Appraisals

An accurate jewelry appraisal is a vital necessity to protect your jewelry. At Zak's Jewelry we offer GIA certified jewelry appraisals provided by a certified gemologist. With 35 years serving the local community, you can feel comfortable knowing that your jewelry is safe, and in trusting hands. Certified by the Gemological Institute of America, we are qualified to give expert appraisal opinions.

We also provide estate, probate, and insurance replacement appraisals. As jewelry designers and manufacturers, we stay informed of current diamond, gemstone and precious metal values.


Professional Jewelry Evaluation

We can conduct a free verbal evaluation of your jewelry peice(s), without accompanying documentation or we can provide a written, detailed and signed document for insurance purposes complete with a detailed color photo. Our appraisal reports are made for jewelry and gems: a total legal and technical report - with full color photo, includes:

1. The millimeter dimensions, quality, weight and identification of each major stone.

2. Specific color and clarity grades of major diamonds including inclusion diagnosis when applicable.

3. Identification and assessment of the workmanship of metal used in the mounting.

4. A thorough technical description of the item.

5. Explanation of the grading system and information that makes the technical and scientific data easy to understand.

6. The estimated value of the item.

7. Inclusion of gemological certification. (If diamond is Certified.)

8. The original document for your personal records and a copy for the involved third party.

Time and Money

Appraisals are completed in as timely a fashion as possible and in the order received. Please allow us ample time so that an accurate and complete appraisal may be performed. Appraisal fees are based on the amount of items being appraised. A written estimate of the fee will be provided before the work is started.


An appraisal update should be considered every two or three years since the cost of materials and labor fluctuate. This will also allow us an opportunity to inspect for damages, loose stones, etc.


Reasons for Appraisals

Insurance Appraisal - Provides information for insurance coverage which will assure a replacement of equal quality and value. A detailed description is extremely important on this type of appraisal to assure a satisfactory reproduction of the article. If the item is irreplaceable, a current retail market value of a comparable item is used.

Casualty Loss - The IRS will allow an income tax deduction for lost and damaged items not covered by insurance. You may wish to consult a tax advisor before acquiring this type of appraisal.

Collateral - Performed for a party wishing to use jewelry or gemstones for obtaining a loan or for a similar business transaction, a "cash" value.

Damage Report - Indicates the approximate weight loss resulting from recutting a damaged stone and the value of the loss.

Divorce Settlement - Prepared in accordance with current state laws, a cash value.

Donation and Gifts - Based on the U.S. internal Revenue Code and appreciable court interpretations when used for tax purposes.

Estate - Appraising for tax purposes is highly specialized task which requires training, knowledge and expertise. An estate appraisal for probate purposes must be based on a market value.

Quantitative Report - used to establish or confirm the identity and description of gemstones, gem materials, precious metals, jewelry, coins, etc. No dollar value is given.


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